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Building Imagination

All the information you and your child will need to start school in the coming years. 

Growing Cognitively

Programs focused around the core learning functions. These areas are motor (physical), language and communication, cognitive, social and emotional.

Increase Creativity

Fun and easy-to-follow at-home activities to prepare kids for big school fast. 

School Learning blocks

Online School Readiness Programs 

Are you a teacher or child care provider?

Get your entire class ready for the next stage of their journey the right way. Ensure a smooth transition into primary school for all your students

School Readiness Online With Printables

6 Week Activity Kit

6 x Weekly activities and lesson plans to teach children the letters of the alphabet and numbers up to twenty. Each week, a letter and number will be explored, through songs, hands-on activities, and concrete learning experiences.

Self Paced
Cost Effective
Online & Print
Easy To Follow

Parents Testimonials

Don’t take our word for it. Hear what other parents and teachers are sayin

I knew my child was ready for school but just wanted a second opinion. The value I found in your program eased my mind and gave me real-life activities to prepare her. 100% recommended to anyone with doubts.

    Freya Sanz
    Freya Sanz


    Yes my child was ready for school. He had to go. Legally in my state, he was at the age. But I was not really ready to let go. I never heard of becoming a co-educator before, and now I am so glad I stumbled across your program. Feeling like I am an actual part of my kids future again! Thank you.

      Mark Ficher
      Mark Ficher


      First off, a little disclaimer, I'm biased! I know Jana and Nicole (the co-founders of this program) personally. However, I didn't realise they had developed such an amazing resource for parents and teachers. Makes for such a smooth transition all around. Well done - highly recommend

        Diana Burnwood
        Diana Burnwood


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