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24/11/2020 at 2:22 PM #3801

Hi Tim,
I would recommend broaching this carefully. Start by discussing who people that we know; relatives, siblings, friends etc. Generally, these are the people who care about us and keep us safe. There’s been a trend against using the ‘stranger danger’ phrase, as it paints the picture that everyone we don’t know might be dangerous (and unfortunately, the assumption that people we know won’t abduct children- not that this needs to be mentioned). Obviously, there are “strangers” who can help us; police, (generally) customer service people and (hopefully) other parents with children.
So, instead of introducing the idea of being scared of anyone they don’t know, introduce the idea of permission:
– You need to get Mum’s or Dad’s (or, whoever is in charge) permission to go ANYWHERE with ANYONE.
– If you do find yourself needing help; approach someone who we all know looks after people e.g. a uniformed police officer, someone working inside a store, a teacher, or a parent who has children with them.

Also, discussing certain scenarios (or, even role-playing) might help them remember what to do if they do get approached by someone, or if they get separated from their caregiver. The more you talk about this (and avoid scary terms like “bad people” or “dangerous people”), the more versed they will in dealing with these situations.

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