Ready Steady Learn




This is a 52-week program to teach children the letters of the alphabet and numbers up to twenty. Each week, a letter and number will be explored, through songs, hands-on activities and concrete learning experiences.

There will also be fun and interactive resilience or mindfulness activities (alternating each week) to help promote the ability to overcome adversity and self soothe when confronted with challenges. 

After every five weeks, there will be a week of revision of the content learnt in the prior five weeks, to help children reinforce knowledge and practise their learning. 

Once all 26 letters have been covered and revised, there will be weekly activities concentrating on basic letter blends, to help children develop reading skills and sound recognition. 

The final three weeks of the programs will revise all content covered so that children can consolidate all prior learning and be on their way to starting to read and recognise numbers up to twenty.

All this information will assist children in becoming Ready, Steady for school.

Key Concepts Covered Include:

  • Alphabet A-Z
  • Numbers 1-20
  • Basic letter blends for sound and word recognition
  • Mindfulness activities 
  • Resilience activities
  • Book discoveries

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