Parent Readiness Handbook



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This handbook is for parents, guardians and carers, who have a child starting school in the near future. It addresses all the factors that you will need to consider for your child big transition. 

It begins with an exploration of the physiological side of things from a parents perspective; the process of letting go, parenting styles and some emotions that their child may demonstrate once school has started.

After this, Ready, Steady Parent looks at the more practical elements of preparing from school. Everything from choosing the right school, to what sort of lunches to prepare, some unspoken protocols that may take some time to discover once school starts, and much more. 

The third section of Ready, Steady Parent looks at the physical aspects related to preparing for school. It provides insight into what the first day of school experience might involve,  some suggestions for the year preceding children starting school, as well as checklists as the first day of school approaches. It also contains some child-friendly, interactive routine lists that allow children to take ownership of their routines before and after school. And finally, several countdown lists for that month leading up to school, that will help children keep track of the approaching first day, as well as keeping them busy.

As with Ready, Steady School, there is also an extensive list of additional resources that may help your school readiness preparation.

All this information will assist parents in becoming Ready, Steady for school.

Key Concepts Covered Include:

  • The Psychological Side of Starting School; for Parents and Children.
  • The Practical elements; Information and Suggestions for Everything Relative to Starting School.
  • Unspoken Protocols in Schools
  • How The First Day of School May Look
  • Counting down to the Start of School: Checklists, Countdowns and Interactive Routines for the Morning and Afternoons of School Days.