Ready Steady Seminar


Provide your parents with the essential knowledge they need for their child to start their school journey.


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Ready Steady Seminar is an interactive presentation to help your parents prepare for the transition to school. During the seminar, Jana and Nicole guide parents through the realities and practicalities of starting school.

 Our seminars are conducted in an online forum via Zoom, so they can take place in the comfort of people’s homes.

During this hour we address parent’s questions and concerns around choosing the right time and the right school for their child. The seminar covers common questions and concerns, such as:

  • What does current research say about when to send a child to school?
  • What is the most important skill for starting school and areas of development?
  • Dealing with expectations and preparing your child for their first day
  • What do they need to know as a parent and what their role entails
  • Ways to help their children get ready
  • The very first day of school
  • What to expect from children during the first week of school
  • Extra Resources​

Aimed at addressing the realities of starting school from a child’s point of view, the seminar will equip parents with the tools and knowledge that they need to make the transition into school smooth and stress free. Most importantly, the seminar covers many ways in which parents can help their child during the school journey. 

 The seminar cost of $429 is all inclusive.

Seminar Inclusions:

– consultation with the preschool or early childhood centre to discuss school readiness and the transition needs of the educators, parents and children 

– detailed flyer to promote the seminar to families

– seminar delivery

– parent information sheet

– discount code for families to purchase extra resources