School Readiness Programs Bundle


This is the bundle of two of our popular products, the “School Readiness Program” and the “Parent Readiness Handbook”


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This is the bundle of two of our popular products, the “School Readiness Program” for your child and the “Parent Readiness Handbook”

Key Concepts Covered Include:

  • Areas of development with explanations and illustrations 
  • The Psychological and Practical sides of Starting School; for Parents and Children.
  • Printable Hands-on Activities for kids to work through.
  • Counting down to the Start of School: Checklists, Countdowns and Interactive Routines for the Morning and Afternoons of School Days.
  • Everything You and Your Child Need to Know About Starting School.

These programs offer dual approaches to school readiness; Ready, Steady School allows you to examine your child’s readiness in all key developmental areas and assists you in deciding if they are school-ready, or if they perhaps need to wait another year. And, Ready, Steady Parent covers all the aspects of school readiness that parents will encounter; everything from choosing a school to the process of letting go.

Both programs come with practical elements; hands-on activities for children and checklists for parents, as well as suggestions and ideas to help you and your child prepare yourselves for the school journey.

Ready, Steady School and Ready, Steady, Parent complement each other perfectly. They allow for you to take the perspective of your child during this time, as well as taking into account how you might be feeling, and what emotional and practical elements may come into play as your child starts school.

We highly recommend that they are bought together so that all areas of information are covered; for you and your child.