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  • 24/11/2020 at 2:47 PM #3819

    The massive question for so many parents with four/five year old’s is: IS MY CHILD READY FOR SCHOOL?
    It’s a huge decision for most parents. Do you send them, or, if you have the resources, hold them back for another year? The confusing part is that our schools have such a big age range for school starters, and what’s right for one child, can be less right for the next child.
    Thankfully, (shameless plug time) our Ready, Steady School Program covers all of this. School Readiness isn’t just based on whether a child can easily socialise with other same-aged children, or if they can recognise their letters and sounds. School Readiness covers a range of areas; from how your child processes ideas cognitively to how easily they can regulate their emotions.

    Our program covers all of the important developmental areas: social, emotional, cognitive, physical, personal care and language. We provide checklists to see where your child falls in each skills department, and give suggestions and ideas for helping them develop and improve these skills.
    Furthermore, we provide a range of hands-on activities that your child will LOVE and will help them reinforce these skills.

    This program applies to both children who are going to start school next year, as well as those who might be waiting until the following year. Check out our homepage to find out more.

    Or, if you are a Ready, School, Group member- feel free to ask any questions about your child’s journey.

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